Introducing the Realmax 100

A panorama of mixed reality

Why Realmax 100?

Unmatched 100° FOV

Bridging the immersion of VR with the mobility of AR

AR/VR In One

Our magnetic snap-on visor allows for a seamless transition from AR to VR

One Size Truly Fits All

Compatible with prescription glasses and strategically built and balanced to promote comfort


Our headset is completely untethered and lasts for up to 5 hours for your ultimate convenience

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As seen at

CES 2019

Named Best AR In Show by Tom's Guide, US Weekly

GDC 2019


AWE 2019

Finalist: Best-in-show HMD

In the News

"[A]lso noteworthy was[...] RealMax's AR/VR device with hand tracking by Leap Motion used for an untethered, multiplayer AR game in the Playground." Read more.

Emily Friedman for AWE
June 6. 2019

"RealMax's AR and VR device with hand tracking by Leap Motion and an epic 102-degree field of view, was used for a multiplayer AR game which involved grabbing fish and knocking over boxes...[their booth was one that] drew the biggest crowds." Read more.

Charlie Fink for Forbes
June 2, 2019

"[Realmax] introduced a slightly less sexy but still comfortably wearable AR HMD... [it] has an astonishing 100.8 degree Field of View (FOV) and is multi-player." Read more.

Charlie Fink for Forbes
January 14, 2019

"We're still waiting for the day when augmented-reality glasses will make the leap from development hell to true consumer tech. RealMax is pushing the market one step closer to fruition with its Qian headset." Read more.

tom's guide
January 10, 2019

"What do you call a group of people wearing AR goggles together? A flock? A gaggle? A nerdherd?" Watch video.

@WIRED on Twitter
January 10, 2019

"[U]nlike so many of the devices shown each year at CES, Qian actually contains some compelling differentiators: It’s lightweight, tetherless, and offers a very wide-angle video display by augmented reality headset standards." Read more.

Venture Beat
January 9, 2019

Our team

Part of our team at our CES 2019 booth

The Realmax 100 was developed by Nigel Burton, Kyle Bowles, Jerry Wei, and a team of optical engineers, industrial designers, and software developers. Our teams crossed the Pacific, with developers in Washington State working closely with engineers in Shanghai.

Our mission is to improve human understanding by making augmented reality accessible to everyone.

From our Bellingham laboratories in the Pacific Northwest, we continue to develop and improve our hardware, software, and cloud services. With the Realmax 100 now in use by early customers, we are rapidly learning about new opportunities for this technology.

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