Venue by Reality 8

Build and direct Social Augmented Reality Event and Entertainment Experiences 
Venue is built upon the same networking standards that are used in existing lighting systems. Whether attendees are wearing Realmax AR Glasses, a Hololens, or watching AR in their phone or tablet, a wide range of AR effects can be controlled using a standard Artnet compatible lighting desk.
The Reality8 Venue client can be installed from the google App Store, and responds to a real time set list that can be broadcast to locations across the planet. Attendees can enjoy a Vegas exhibition from the safety of their own home. Fans can enjoy a performance performed on a stage in Hollywood but viewed within their living room. 
Multiple users enjoy the same synchronized 3d experience, at the same time, and with the impression that it is firmly anchored to their own space. 
Venue experiences consist of the volumetric capture of presenters or artists in front of a green screen. Your director decides how to stage the resulting 3D avatar, and can add a wide range of 3D effects, including lighting, dragons, and interactive games. None of this requires any programming, though custom 3D experiences can be imported using the Unity game engine standard.