The Team

Nigel Burton is the CEO of Realmax inc. From 1989, Nigel worked for Microsoft Corp, Redmond, WA as a General Manager of Small Business Products including MSN, bCentral. And from 2004-2010, managing Microsoft’s Developer and Web Service business for Asia-Pacific and Greater China. While working with Microsoft, Nigel was a executive director of the China Red Cross Foundations fund for the blind. Nigel still retains this post, though now is also the Secretary of their US charity. After leaving Microsoft in 2010, Nigel became President of 8LAS Inc, who developed systems software for AR companies including Epson, Meta and Immy.  From 2016 until today, Nigel was first CTO of Realmax in Shanghai who design and manufacture the Realmax100 Augmented Reality Glasses. Nigel has many certificates and awards, including three recognitions from the US Government Small Business Administration (one was awarded in the Whitehouse). He also holds an award from China’s state technology (CSIA) association, as one of the ten most foreign influential leaders to support China’s technology industry.

Kyle Bowles is the Chief Scientist of Reality8. He graduated from Windward High School, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. He then went on to graduate with an associate’s degree in Computer Information Systems, in a program funded through the NSA. Kyle began working with Nigel at a company called 8las as a software engineer. He moved to Realmax as a lead software engineer, and to his current role for Reality8. His goal is to understand and contribute to the cutting edge.

Anne Burton is the COO of Realmax Inc and Reality8. She has a Masters of Education, and has represented European Universities in coaching and evaluating their teaching graduates as they work within the thousands of private high schools in China. She acted as a consultant for AR/VR technology adaption of K-12 schools in Asia. Upon returning to her USA base, Anne has worked with Kyle and Nigel to develop Augmented Reality tools that make the technology more useful in the areas of training, education, entertainment, and healthcare. In the daily operations of Realmax and Reality8, Anne is always the customer advocate, helping ensure that solutions are easy to use, and of obvious immediate value. .

We are currently looking for programmers skilled unity and C++, if you are interested in joining our team please message us below and we will send you an email containing the information about what skills are needed.