Realmax Inc

Meet the Team

Nigel Burton


I’m Nigel Burton, CEO and a co-founder of Realmax. After two decades as a General Manager in Microsoft, I started a company working with AR glasses in 2014. I was inspired by the Hololens, and also worked with products from Epson, Meta, Google, and Immy. However I found our applications to be limited by the limited field of view of these products. Working with Kyle, we found a solution within China, leading to my spending the last 3 years in a Shanghai laboratory, and finally showing the first production units of our Realmax 100 at CES2019.

A real world application for AR that could impact my life? 

As a medium for learning, I believe that AR can significantly improve a person’s ability to understand complex things. Within the next few years, school children will use AR to visualize Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Astronomy. They will more easily understand science, and gain new capabilities to experiment and research for themselves.

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Anne Burton


Hi I’m Anne. I have spent three decades as an educator working in colleges and universities in America, Europe, and Asia teaching diverse subjects such as Chemistry of Art Conservation, Education and Trampoline. For two years, while living in Beijing, I attended Tsinghua University as a student myself studying Mandarin. I'm always learning something new, especially in this field.

A real world application for AR that could impact my life? 

For the last four years I have been studying and working on how AR can impact and support learning both inside and outside the classroom. With the limiting factor for widespread adoption being field of view, I am excited that we are now entering a new age of immersive multi-participatory learning. As a language learner, I would find an application teaching different language calligraphy strokes to students who could copy the motion in mid-air, a game-changer!

kyle is smiling and gesturing while wearing the realmax 100 glasses at GDC

Kyle Bowles

CTO & Lead Scientist

Hi, I'm Kyle. I enjoy learning about science and computation. A few examples are astronomy, physics, computer graphics, and quantum computing. My goal in life is to understand and contribute to the cutting edge, to advance humanity for the better. When I'm not implementing the next crazy AR development at Realmax, you can find me pursuing the perfect latte— I'm just a development robot that runs on caffeine.

A real world application for AR that could impact my life? 

Being able to aggregate data from detectors like IceCube or LIGO in real-time so you could effectively see or hear things beyond your senses. 

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Jess Burton

Creative Manager

Hi, I’m Jess. I got my B.A. in Psychology and Chinese at Emory University and will be attending University Washington School of Law this coming Fall. I worked at Denton’s law in Beijing and in-house law in the UK before coming back the the States to work with Realmax and Augmented Reality. I grew up in the San Juan Islands, and try and make it back to enjoy their beauty whenever I can.

A real world application for AR that could impact my life? 

This is perhaps one of the more simple applications, but I would love for there to be a guitar tabs/music app that would show the lyrics and chords to a song in the air. Currently I balance my phone on my knee awkwardly trying to look at it and scroll while playing. This kind of application would solve all those issues. 

Raquel Rutherford

Product Usability & Marketing Manager

Hello, I'm Raquel! I moved to Bellingham after graduating from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas. Though I hold a Bachelor's of Business Administration (BBA), I am also a published user experience researcher with ACM. Project management and user experience designer are other job titles I've had, but this is by far the most fun one! In my free time, I love cooking, reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, gardening, and playing video games with my spouse.

A real world application for AR that could impact my life?

I grew up in Texas (where my dad’s from) and Ecuador (where my mom’s from), so I’d love to have some sort of more corporeal video call through AR to keep up with all of my family. Texting and video calls only do so much, and plane tickets are expensive, so this would be a much better way to “be there”. 

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Valentin wearing a headset and posing in front of his desk, with books and wires in the background.

Valentin Siderskiy

Senior Software Engineer

I’m Valentin Siderskiy, an engineer with an inclination towards research and startups. Started in electrical engineering (B.S.) studying chaos theory, jumped to mechanical engineering (M.S.) developing medical devices and have worked with tech startups for the past 8 years. Also, starting a PhD in biomedical engineering in September 2019. Favorite movie: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Favorite book: Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl That's me in a nutshell. My first encounters with AR was hand populating PCBs (at a bootstrap startup) and wondering “why can’t AR glasses + open source software guide me place these parts”. That started my adventure of learning OpenCV. Later, working at Circle Optics led me to hacking cameras and evaluating commercial AR glasses such as HoloLens. None of them had a large enough field of view for my applications until Realmax Inc popped up.

A real world application for AR that could impact my life?

AR can highlight what we can’t see with our human eyes and brains.  We’ll be exploring the depths of the ocean and outer space with AR glasses to help us navigate, count, explore, analyze, and observe the natural world around us.  For me, AR is about helping us see more of our true world and revealing the unseen.

Elliott is wearing a headset at the Spark museum demo

Elliott Trienen

Software Developer

I'm Elliott, a current CS student at Western Washington University. In my free time, I enjoy making video games, running games of Dungeons and Dragons, and generally creating little adventures for others to enjoy. The idea of being able to craft entire experiences from in front of a keyboard is what initially drew me to programming and is what continues to fuel my excitement. I hope to be able to apply this same passion to creating wow-inducing AR applications!

A real world application for AR that could impact my life?

I have a lot of dreams for AR, many of which I’m sure are out of the scope of feasability for the next decade. One of my more reasonable wants is an application to be used while playing Dungeons and Dragons, or other tabletop games. It would be incredible to be able to play with virtual miniatures that actually walk around on the table and have some personality.

Mitchell checking in people at the Spark event

Mitchell Fletcher

Finance & Operations Coordinator

I’m Mitchell, a student at Western Washington University pursuing a degree in Finance. Some of the things that I enjoy doing in my free time include reading, modding video games and studying the stock market. I’ve been fascinated with AR ever since the first time I tried on a set of AR glasses. Being a part of Realmax has given me the opportunity to see the development of this exciting technology firsthand.

A real world application for AR that could impact my life?

I’ve always enjoyed solving puzzles and playing games. I think that a potential development in AR that could impact my life would be the creation of new AR mobile applications. Having the ability to play chess or other mobile puzzle games with people in the real world via augmented reality is an exciting concept to me