glasses with mounted leapmotion

Our custom made Leap Motion bundle provides state of the art hand tracking, customized to work with the Realmax 100. Our set includes the official Leap Motion, custom cables, and a proprietary mount for easy attachment to your headset.

Our visors serve as both a protective covering, and as a mechanism that enables users of the Realmax 100 to conveniently switch seamlessly between AR and VR. Each headset includes one, but you might find yourself needing a spare. 

Our improved battery pack has a capacity that allows for over five hours of use. Get a spare for the ability to swap one out when on the go! 

Our Bluetooth remotes allows for 3DoF hand tracking, with a 360 touch pad and buttons. Each Realmax 100 headset includes one, but we sell them separately should you need a replacement.

Our cables and chargers are lightweight, durable and compact. Though each headset comes with one, we know you might find yourself needing spares or replacements.