About Us

The Realmax 100 was developed by Nigel Burton, Kyle Bowles, Jerry Wei, and a team of optical engineers, industrial designers, and software developers. Our teams span the Pacific, with developers in Washington State working closely with engineers in Shanghai.

From our Bellingham laboratories in the Pacific Northwest, we continue to develop and improve our hardware, software, and cloud services. With the Realmax 100 now in use by early customers, we are rapidly learning about new opportunities for this technology.

Our mission is to improve human understanding by making augmented reality accessible to everyone.

We believe that one day, almost everyone will be wearing wearable AR devices. But the first contact most people will have with AR glasses will be when they borrow them for a special experience. In 2019 we expect to see many users, wearing our glasses as they shop for a car, visit a museum, or play esports and arcade games.